Asset Protection

Whilst ensuring that you are structured correctly for tax, we make sure that your business and personal assets are protected.  

We know that the money you generate from profits earned by your business is important to you. It provides the cash flow for your family and your lifestyle. You need to do whatever you can to protect the strength of your business, which is probably your biggest asset.

Having a risk management strategy in place to protect your finances will help.

Our Asset Protection solution falls under 4 categories:

  1. Business and personal asset protection (creating the right structure for your business and your personal assets)
  2. Shareholder agreements and Share Purchase agreements (for businesses who have one or more shareholders or partners)
  3. Life, health and income protection – whilst we are not IFA’s we draw your attention protection that you can obtain
  4. Estate planning (protection of your assets and protection for your family for when you have passed)

Services at haleys under Asset Protection:

Optimal structures for investing in commercial and residential property

The use of SIPP’s and SSAS’s to help invest and protect your assets

Advising on the optimal corporate structure for operating your business for tax and asset protection

At haleys we collaborate with the best referral partners in all of these areas to make sure you are completely covered:

Sale purchase agreements (SPA’s)

Shareholder agreements

Personal insurance (life,  income protection)

Business insurance

Insolvency and Corporate recovery  advice

Legal advice and strategy

After all, why build wealth and a great business only to lose it due to not being structured correctly!

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