Long-time client Networx3 is offering its drones and state-of-the-art mobile drone control centre to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The Great Harwood-based blown fibre optic installation firm is diverting the new drone vehicle to allow it to be used, for free, by the authorities.

Both Spain and China are using drones in the fight against the Coronavirus crisis – from delivering medicines and the hi-tech kit could be fitted with loudspeakers to broadcast information and help police the ground from the air.

All of Networx3’s fleet of drones are equipped with thermal imaging and high-definition cameras that can pick up an image as small as a postage stamp from a kilometre away.

Commercial director Caroline Earnshaw said: “We know the authorities are stretched at the moment and this is our way of being public spirited and doing our bit. We have a lot of critical infrastructure and emergency services clients so it’s only natural for us as a business to give them our support using our tech resources.”

Networx3 already offers its fleet of drones to the five mountain rescue teams across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

Pictured is one of the drones hovering near the company’s £45,000 drone control vehicle which controls up to three hi-tech drones using mapping software from a two-man operator hub.

Picture courtesy of Networx3 Group Limited